In today’s market the Marketing & Relationship Manager plays an important role in setting the tone for the organization. High touch customer service and “Quality of Experience” is a measure of the overall success of customer satisfaction. Dana is the first person and the last person to interact with potential customers, investors, etc., either face-to-face or over the telephone. The experience with the Marketing & Relationship Manager reflects upon the entire company. First Impressions are instrumental in making sure clients have a positive experience.

While the quality of financial services can be evaluated in many ways, the most meaningful results are how well our client family feel before, during and well after a financial strategy is in place. Such factors, however broadly defined, have a profound effect on the long-term success of our customer’s financial future and Hutton Financial Advisors.

Dana is very caring and loyal. She serves with integrity in and outside of the office. Her favorite things are Church and football. She loves God and the New Orleans Saints. As they are Jesus’ team after all Right?

She is deeply rooted in her Christian Faith and has such a great love and dedication for God and her children that is just simply overwhelming. These attributes have molded Dana into the grateful and blessed woman that she is today. They are truly her drive and motivation. Dana says it best, “Every day, I get to wake up and do what I love to do best”, which is, “To serve and help others, it’s a blessing to me”. She had the same drive for her work, coworkers and our clients. She strives to make sure that everyone she encounters can feel the love and compassion that she feels for them.

Dana Philley is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.


Tel: 817-238-6995