Let us help you achieve your financial dreams

When it comes to your investment, the financial planner you choose can make the difference between you working hard for your money, or your money working hard for you.  Our goal is to help you achieve your financial dreams; whether you’re dreaming of a comfortable retirement, enjoying your grandchildren, traveling or enjoying your hobbies, we can help you plan for that special time in your life!

We help you stay focused on the long-term goals

Peter Lynch, one of the most successful Portfolio Managers of all time, once noted that investors in the funds he managed did not do as well as the funds themselves.  Why did that occur?  He discovered that it’s easy to be misled by the ups and downs of the market.  Alarmed by sudden market fluctuations, you might be tempted to sell an asset that has good long-term value, or buy something that’s “hot” today, but might quickly lose value.  We take a longer-term view and encourage you to stay the course during uncertain times in order to work towards your goals.

We are Independent Professionals

Our allegiance is to you, the client.  As Independent Professionals, we feel that it is in our best interest to do what serves you best.  Some financial professionals may be employees of brokerage firms or insurance companies that offer their own in-house products and may have sales quotas to meet.  Make sure you understand what your financial professional can offer.  As Independent Professionals with Hutton Financial Advisors, we have access to a wide array of investment vehicles and are not driven by incentives to sell any particular product.  Our first loyalty is to you.

We are trained professionals

The investment world has become very complex and is constantly changing.  In order to stay abreast of investment products and new technology that come with the territory, ongoing training is a must.  Paul and the entire support staff attend conferences, training schools, seminars and specialized workshops – all focused on how to serve you better.